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Women entrepreneurship

(All women are endowed with innate power that can make them successful entrepreneurs.)

Mrs Sushma Jhinge ( Astt Professor)
Mata Gujri Women’s College, Jabalpur, M.P.



Women constitute almost half of the total population of world. Similarly in India also women constitute fifty percent of the total population.

Till the turn of the century, man has enjoyed a dominant position. But change in position technological innovation and modern way of thinking can reduce the disparity between man and women, and bring about equality and equity between them, the need of the hour in women empowerment both through provision of employment and enterprise creation. Typologically, the former leader to endogenous empowerment and the latter give rise to exogenous empowerment.
Women entrepreneurs may be defined as a woman or a group of women who initiate, organize and run a business enterprise. In terms of Schumpeterian concept of innovative entrepreneurs, women who innovate, initiate or adopt a business activity are called business entrepreneur. Now a day's women's are running several businesses like beauty parlors, switching shops, boutique, newer areas chosen by women are retail trade, restaurants, hotels, education, cultural, cleaning insurance and manufacturing.
Women entreprenurer's have been making a significant impact in all segments of the economy in Canada, Great Britain, Germany Australia and US.
In this regard, I would like to add the component that, All women are endowed with innate power that can make them successful entrepreneurs. Women have innate ability to face the risk of life with firm courage. Life of a women is full of challenges and undergoes various ups and downs in life. If we undergo her life it fulfills several qualities of an entrepreneur. Women are naturally endowed with the qualities of entrepreneurship


1. Inborn creative capacity : Introduction of innovations, imitations of innovations.  Women entrepreneurship is inherent and also a natural process. Women are naturally endowed with the qualities of entrepreneurship. Maternity is a creative capacity involving risk of life. Maternal instincts generate enormous strength and determination that drive the fear away from them. Courageousness and determination that generate at the time of maternity are in born. These characters generate within themselves and not come from elsewhere. Women empowerment becomes reality by nurturing their innate qualities of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is like giving birth to a child. The Women’s Love of child overcomes the risk of life. The entrepreneur overcomes the risk of loss with the passion of entrepreneurship. Bringing life by the women is experiencing the inborn creative capacity. When you are creating an enterprise you are experiencing your creative capacity.
2. Patience: rising every time you fall. Is the prime motto that can be seen in a lady’s life? Adjustment in a new family after marriage, demonstrates her level of patience. The process of upbringing a child with good habits, sanskars and educations represents a lady’s patience.
3. Imaginative: It refers to the imaginative approach or original ideas with competitive market. Well-planned approach is needed to examine the existing situation and to identify the entrepreneurial opportunities. It further implies that women entrepreneur's have association with knowledgeable people and contracting the right organization offering support and services. Exploration of the prospects of starting a new business enterprise. Every woman is imaginative at every step in her life. Making a beautiful home itself is the sigh of her imaginative quality. A lady decorates her home with limited resources; we can differentiate a house with or without a lady. It is truly said “har ghar kuch kahta hai.”  This is sign of her unending imagination.
4.      Attribute to work hard: Enterprising women have further ability to work hard. The imaginative ideas have to come to a fair play. Hard work is needed to build up an enterprise. At home servants may come or not, country may go on strike, may be if a lady is suffering from sickness, her enthusiasm and affection to dear ones, make her work throughout the day.
5.      Persistence: Women entrepreneurs must have an intention to fulfill their dreams. They have to make a dream transferred into an idea enterprise; Studies show that successful women work hard. Without any pain or much regrets a lady keeps on working hard to make her child successful.
  1. Co ordination, administration and control. Ability to the proficiency in planning making forecast estimates and calculations. saving out of small family income, to decorate her home, keep the relations continued, keep the family honour, fulfill desire of kids and elderly people at home, save for education marriage of children and above all build a ashiyana for her family. This demonstrates her planning management and forcastings.
  2. Ability and desire to take risk the desire refers to the willingness to take risk.      Undertaking a risk and handling of economic uncertainties involved in business. Every woman undergoes a risk of life to bring life into this world. Women do not deny motherhood on the plea of risk is involved. Their maternal instincts overcome the thoughts of risk to life. Women have the innate ability to face the risk of life with firm courage. This is an essential quality for Entrepreneurship. Women entrepreneurship is therefore, a natural process for women. Encouragement of women entrepreneurs are the only solution for women empowerment.
Managing a home with tremendous problems is sign of good management, that every lady may be literate, educated or illiterate gives.
a) Recently we have read in news papers about contribution of 02 villager ladies. They decided to work for 03 hours in a day, and created greenery in that area. The area known for unfertile land is finally converted in to fertile and productive land, due to their efforts.
b)Another example of this kind is what started from west Bengal and is now popular in whole of the India , here women’s started collecting Re. 1/- from every home and formed a cooperative society, this money was used to help Women’s in opening Self employment works. This chain of collecting money has expanded tremendously and helped many people in generating employment; this way they have even overcome all the limitations of Banks.
c)The entrepreneurial success of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad (SMGULP)  is noteworthy. SMGULP was a cooperative system in which women over the age of 18 could become members. Starting humbly, with an initial capital of Rs 80, borrowed from a local money lender and social worker, SMGULP grew phenomenally. In 2002, it had a turnover of Rs 3 billion and exports worth Rs.100 million. It employed 42,000 people in 62 divisions all over the country. SMGULP was the brain child of seven semi-literate Gujarati housewives, who started a venture to create a sustainable livelihood using the only skill they had– cooking. These women did not know what entrepreneurship was; neither did they envisage the proportions their small business venture would grow to. All they wanted was to do something worthwhile with their time and help supplement their family income.
a) Shahnaz Husain (Shahnaz) was another successful woman entrepreneur of India. She popularized herbal treatments for beauty and health problems. Her company, Shahnaz Husain Herbals, was the largest of its kind in the world and had a strong presence in over 100 countries, from the US to Asia. By 2002, the Shahnaz Husain Group had over 650 salons around the world, employing about 4200 people. The net worth of the Group was $100 million. The turning point in her business came when she represented India at the Festival of India in 1980. Her team was given a counter in the perfumery section of Selfridges in London. She managed to sell her entire consignment in three days and also broke the store's record for cosmetics sales for the year.
b) Priyanka Malhotra is successful woman entrepreneur in India. She is operating the business of book publishing and also devotes her time in cafe business. She did graduate in printing and publishing from Landon college of publishing. She also holds the degree of Msc. in media and communication field. After this, she came to India and became successful businesswomen in Delhi. Priyanka thinks differently about the idea of scaling her businesses. Here's a young entrepreneur unplugged. She got licence for operating cafe. She encouraged young woman in this video also.

c) Bhawana Kakkar is young graduate woman in Painting and Arts. She did also postgraduate in Art history from Baroda University. She has huge experience in fashion designing in India and she opened Art gallery. She is also publishing a magazine named "Take - Simple Black". She is successful woman entrepreneur in India and she told many tricks to success in business in following video.

d) Rajashree Birla is a successful woman entrepreneur and chairperson of Aditya Birla Centre for Community and rural development. Her focus is on the all-round development of the communities around our plants located mostly in distant rural areas and tribal belts. All our Group companies —- Grasim, Hindalco, Aditya Birla Nuvo, Indo Gulf and UltraTech have Rural Development Cells which are the implementation bodies.

e) Shruti is a degree holder in Chemistry from University of Pennsylvania and she did worked with Merrill Lynch. She came back India after study in USA and started his own hotel business and became successful woman entrepreneur in India.


Lakme Simon TataShipping corporation Mrs. Sumati MorarjiExports Ms. Nina MehrotraBalaji films - Ekta KapoorBio-technology - Kiran Mazumdar

 Film Producer – Farah Khan

  Film Producer and Director- Aparna Sen


When women bring life into this world, it contributes to the society. When an entrepreneur creates an enterprise it generates employment, create wealth. Entrepreneurship is a prerequisite for the development of any nation. Hence the contributions of women entrepreneurs are a prerequisite for nation building. Women entrepreneurship, women empowerment and nation building are therefore, synonymous.
Women are naturally endowed with the emotions of love. This positive energy could be used managing human resources efficiently. All the women have all the resources to manage an enterprise. Women entrepreneurship can only bring about women empowerment.  Women are naturally blessed with the qualities of entrepreneurship. I also realized that women entrepreneurship and women empowerment would be the realities of tomorrow. This is a usual phenomenon in the life of any woman.
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